English for Engineers?

Learning to communicate effectively is essential in everyone’s life. Whatever be the profession an individual is engaged in, he has to communicate matters effectively. He has to communicate convincingly. Interpersonal interaction is possible only when we communicate effectively.

We use many forms and ways of communication, non-verbal and verbal; direct or indirect; formal and informal; encrypted or unencrypted; ornamental or essential; personal or official; and the list goes on like that.

Language is an essential part in the process of communication. As we all know communication is the process of transference of ideas from one individual to another. Ideas occur in the mind of one person, and he feels the need to inform another person of this idea and finds a medium perceivable by the other person who he would like to communicate this germinated idea.

So in a communication process, there is a person with an idea, a medium, process of translating this idea into a perceivable language, process of transmitting, receiving the transmitted information by the target, analysis or the received information, perception and feedback by the receiver.

This is the structure of a comprehensive communication. The feedback is aimed back at the sender normally and feedback is analysed by the sender who in turn becomes a receiver and the communication process continues.

If the sender’s purpose behind transmitting the idea is served well then the communication can be termed effective. Normally the purposes of communication is  to inform, entertain, enthuse, educate, establish or to dissuade.

In modern times, the human language is so developed that using it we can achieve these purposes very easily. So one has to be proficient in the use of this tool called language.

There are many languages now in vogue at different part of the world, perhaps a few thousands. We may use terms like local, vernacular, national, or international to refer to languages on the basis of the geographical expanse of acceptance of these languages.

To every individual his mother-tongue , the language he is using right from birth along with his family members, is the most important. He understand it much better and can use it naturally and spontaneously.

As he grows up he learns other languages too. Any language which is accepted and understood by people living in a vast geographical area will get some importance attached to it. English language is one such. It’s spoken and understood by a large variety of people residing in many countries across the world. English is the most popular second language of the world. No wonder it’s called the “Lingua Franca”- language of the world.

When an idea is expressed in English language it reaches effectively into minds of millions living at various parts of the world.

Many information are preserved in many forms, conventional and digital, in English language. So if you know English language very well you can extract a better knowledge from all these sources; it’s natural.

Most of the technical knowledge, dispensed throughout the world, across many professionals is in English. So knowing English is essential to any professional; for engineers too. Your grasp of the essential information, in its quality and quantity, can be improved many fold if you know this universal language.

So I devote this blog to my Engineering students. Image

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